Transient Docking

This year, SPBC will no longer be taking care of the transient dockage at the marina. As such, please contact Holiday Harbour directly at (519) 734-6679 (office number) to arrange dockage (see Holiday Harbour web site for details @ <>).

The process to obtain reciprocal dockage has changed as the result of Holiday Harbour managing the dockage. In cases where SPBC representative cannot meet you on arrival, you will be asked to pay Holiday Harbour directly and SPBC will reimburse you to a maximum of 2 free evenings (or days).

Please remember
that to receive the reimbursement, you must pre-register with SPBC and provide them with the following information:
   - date of your arrival,
   - day or night visit, n
umber of nights staying,
   - club (and show your 2023 club membership card if requested)
   - boat name, captain’s name, boat length

SPBC contacts are:
Past Commodore : Gerry Veerman  at 519-819-8890 or email:

    - SPBC Member      : Bob Skeates      at 519-995-8056 or email:

    - Past Commodore : Bill Deans          at 519-551-2654 or email:   

Lastly, if you are considering a group event, please contact SPBC so a group rate can be arranged (more than 5 boats).