We are a group of like-minded people who just want to have a good time!

    Outings on the water are what a boat club is all about and we have a few destinations planned so you can get away for a weekend or an afternoon, while still being among people you know and who can show you the ropes.  Whether on the water or not, there are many functions available to attend and have some fun.

    You don’t need a boat to be part of the group!  We have many people who don’t own boats and are active and revered members.  If you do have a boat, you don’t need to have a dock at Holiday Harbour.

    As part of the alliance with AYC & I-LYA we have reciprocal docking privileges, which means we can stay at most of these marinas free of charge!  So when we have events we do not pay to stay overnight.  One weekend alone can save you the cost of your membership fees.  Every club graciously welcomes our members with the hopes of you coming back. So if you are cruising down the river you can get gas or just stop in for a drink or dinner.

Anyone interested in joining the Sun Parlour Boat Club, is invited to contact Pat Bastien, our Membership Chairperson or mail a completed application to the Sun Parlour Boat Club address shown on the form. 

Note, new members should use the "Introductory Memberhip" application, where returning members should use the regular "Membership" application. Please print and complete the membership application below.   Simply "Click" the correct link below for the required form. 

            Links:        Introductory Membership           Regular Membership 

Please use the appropriate link from above.  Thanks.

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Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader